Considering hiring from outside Canada?

We will help you the Canadian Employer to legally hire a person who is not yet a Canadian Citizen.

The Executive Network Inc. ( a proudly Canadian Consulting Firm) salutes those who serve our country by protecting our borders and the security of our people.

We also recognize that Canada is a country of first choice for skilled immigrants from all over the world and that most Canadians welcome legal immigrants to Canada.

In compliance with Canadian Immigration laws and regulations we work very closely with Canadian Employers and with Canadian Immigration Lawyers (Specialists) and Registered Immigration Consultants to assist you when need to or wish to hire skilled immigrants who are eligible to be employed in Canada legally.

Considering hiring from outside Canada

We can help you to make the process less complicated and more effective than you would expect.

In plain language, we can assist you the Canadian employer if you are even just considering hiring an immigrant. We can help you to avoid a lot of extra hard work, anxiety and unnecessary expense in recruiting the off-shore talent you need.legally and as quickly as possible.

Give us a call at 250 389 2848 for a confidential conversation about any of the following issues.

1: Employing a post secondary student from abroad who is actively enrolled in a Canadian University or College.
2: Employing the spouse or common law partner of a Canadian citizen.
3: Partnering with an off-shore investor in your Canadian business.
4: Employing Individuals who plan to immigrate to Canada and who might qualify under one of the Immigration Canada regulated programs:


If you are an individual who is not yet eligible to be employed legally in Canada please be advised that we cannot and will not provide you with any legal advice or opinions regarding your prospects for employment in Canada nor will we guarantee to find you a job “for a fee”. If anyone in Canada guarantees to find you a job in Canada “for a fee” we urge you to decline the offer immediately.

We can and will gladly discuss your career history and review your resume with you and we will as quickly as possible and without any cost to you, refer you to The Canadian Government’s Immigration Canada official contacts, and / or to a Canadian Immigration Law Specialist (lawyer) and / or to Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant. We also might be able to, without cost to you, refer you to a potential Canadian employer.

We wish you well with your hopes to become part of this great country – Canada.

Thank you.

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