Employee and Family Assistance Programs

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Walmsley is a Canadian company that provides Employee and Family Assistance Programs (EFAP) services to companies and organizations. The company began as a proprietorship under Garth Walmsley in 1992 and became incorporated in 1994. Initially the company consisted of a small group of counsellors devoted to providing quality EFAP services to organizations in the Prince George region. Since 1994, Walmsley has grown to provide comprehensive Employee and Family Assistance Programs to a variety of public and private sector organizations throughout western Canada. Walmsley provides innovative services that are supported by two-way relationships with employers and a network of counsellors. The services focus not only on counselling intervention but also on wellness initiatives and professional services to the organization as a whole, therefore taking a holistic approach to service delivery.

To provide quality Counselling Services, Employee and Family Assistance Programs and Consultation Services that meet the needs of individuals, employers, and the community, in a timely and responsive manner while understanding and attending to the issues facing individuals, couples and families in the wider social contexts.