Jeff Theeuwen

Regional Partner 

Jeff Theeuwen Image

Regional Partner Central Canada

Core Competencies:

Leadership Development and Coaching
Career Transition Coaching and Training
Effective Communication Skills
Change Management
Project Management
Group Facilitation
Strategic Planning
Program Development
Behavioural Assessments
Certified Facet 5 Consultant
Certified executive Coach

Jeff has more than 25 years of success as a professional HR consultant, business owner and executive coach. He is described by his clients as a “trusted coach, mentor and partner” who has helped them to “navigate through some tough situations”.

As a business owner and professional HR Management consultant, Jeff has been involved in establishing and significantly expanding a number of professional services firms. Jeff co-founded Organizational Studies, Inc. (OSI), an employee, customer and best practice research and human resources management consulting firm.

As C.O.O. of OSI, Jeff was responsible for Finance, Operations, and Information Technology and led the development and implementation of a strong infrastructure in support of the exponential growth experienced by the company. OSI was acquired by the Carlson Marketing Group in 1999.

Jeff has a remarkable ability to rapidly build relationships with executives at the highest levels of complex organizations. Jeff has great listening skills. He processes information rapidly in ways that lead to new possibilities and opportunities. He has a wide range of capabilities, from helping leaders improve their own impact to helping them increase team productivity and overall performance. He is a pleasure to work with and can be counted on to ask important questions that open new ideas and ways to move forward. Jeff knows how to assist organizations to recruit and retain fresh talent, ideas and insights to improve results.

Contact Jeff by calling 416 520 8704 or 1 250 389-2848 or at