Lewis Efford

Regional Partner 

Lewis Efford Image

Regional Partner Atlantic Canada

Academic & Industry Accreditations:

Certified Profiler “Behaviours, Motivators and Competencies”
TriMetrix Certified
Professional Facilitator
Member NSA
Lewis is the author of recently published book “New and Radical Strategies For Your Companies’ Growth”.

Professional Experience:

Lewis has over 30 years of experience in corporate leadership, business growth and development executive search and HR consulting. Formerly President & CEO of several companies in the distribution and service sectors. Lewis either started or acquired these companies while they were experiencing difficulties. Using solid business acumen, he restructured and made them profitable.

In 1994, he started Peak Performance Systems which later became Progressive Management Consulting (PMC). Lewis’ goal is to assist companies to be all they can be by maximizing the potential of their most asset, “people”. Using accurate and efficient diagnostic tools along with personal expertise he works with clients to identify, develop and retain effective leaders. Lewis’ mantra is “Diagnosis before Prognosis” In Executive Search this means Position Profiling and Success Profiling.

Lewis has a reputation for helping employers and employees to “create and manage success”. He is committed to providing both parties with practical, results oriented advise and expertise based on experience.

Lewis believes strongly, that many people live their lives far below their potential but do have the ability to achieve their most ambitious goals. His drive is to encourage people to be all they can be. He has helped many move successfully forward in life.

Contact Lewis by calling 709 693 7646 or 1 250 389-2848 or at walter@executivenetwork.ca.