Effective Executive Coaching

The Executive network's effective coaches are increasingly being seen by businesses as crucial in supporting your leaders in achieving goals and as a key component in learning and development programs. 

We work with existing or aspiring leaders to support their maximum development potential and objectives, through a customized program that helps you to achieve your goals.

Executive Coaching can help you with:

  • Leadership challenges you may be experiencing
  • Strengthening your ability to give feedback
  • Improving your communication skills
  • Increasing your conflict resolution skills
  • Increasing your effectiveness as a team member, manager, supervisor, or executive
  • Enhancing your ability to identify goals and achieve desired outcomes
  • Improving your ability to have those ‘difficult’ conversations
The International Coach Federation identifies improved work performance, improved business management, improved time management and improved self-confidence as key outcomes for people who have worked with professional coaches.

The Executive Network's Executive Coaching Services

Individual Coaching

Supported by your TriMetrix™ Assessment, your Certified Executive Coach can help to identify the obstacles that are holding you back; what you need to change in your life to prioritize your goals and increase your motivation to move forward and achieve them.

Executive Coaching On-Boarding program

Designed to ensure the long-term success of your new hire within your organization, your Executive Coach will work with your new hire for a minimum three-month period to support their transition into the new role, help them navigate their way through the new cultural environment, clarify your organization’s expectations in the first three months of the role and to work on improving areas identified in the TriMetrix™ Assessment completed as part of your internal search. 

You are welcome to have a confidential conversation about Executive Coaching for you or your organization. For a free and completely confidential discussion of your needs please contact at 250-389-2848 or email at The Executive Network Inc.