Diagnostic and prescriptive

Starting out or stuck, the Executive Network’s Solutions 4 Growth programs focus your organization’s leadership team on the things that matter and helps avoid wasting time, energy and money on the things that don’t.


Step 1: Each member of your leadership team completes and reviews their TriMetrix™ assessment. It is best if they are open to sharing with fellow team members but it is up to the comfort level of each member. Disclosure can only accompany agreement by all to do so.

Step 2: The leadership team completes an X-Ray assessment. The X-Ray is the diagnostic mechanism that is reviewed item by item with the leadership team. Depending on the size of the team, we take a day or two to review the X-Ray report. Each team member speaks to each of the 30 dimensions measured, taking turns as to who goes first.

The CEO or senior member of the team always goes last. The CEO has a couple of hours of additional work that is completed the afternoon before the entire team convenes to review the X-Ray report.

X-Ray is the spark that lights the fire of the leadership team. By the time the exercise is concluded a myriad of initiatives will take shape and much of the work of the team towards the end of the session is prioritizing the initiatives, setting out key accountabilities and time frames. You will all be on the same page, tightly focused and liberated from the tasks that do not matter. Most importantly you will be on the path to propel your organization forward to the next stage of growth.

The Executive Network has a certified Stages of Growth Strategist lead all phases of this work. In addition, the consultant assigned will attend all key initiative reviews for six months following the x-ray.