A Complete Assessment Solution

In today’s marketplace, the competitive talent trends make it crucial to have an effective way to assess, develop and retain top talent. Companies need to go beyond the traditional resume, interview and yearly review process to discover the real characteristics of superior performance.

Based on a unique 37-factor analysis, TTI TriMetrix™ reveals a person’s specific traits in three areas that describe the how, why and what of individual performance.

This is accomplished through an unbiased assessment of the behaviours people bring to the job, the values that motivate people to do a job, and their potential to provide the Personal Skills required by the job. As a job benchmarking tool, the same three areas are used to measure the requirements of the job, providing a complete system to compare talent to the position and create the best job fit. With all of the components in the TTI TriMetrix™, this powerful tool ensures that you hire, develop and retain top talent

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Behaviours: The HOW

Through the confidential and validated  TriMetrix Report you will discover HOW an individual will address each Problem and Challenge in the workplace. You will see HOW the individual adapts to changes and challenges in their working environment. You will clearly see HOW peak performance can be achieved by matching the right person with the right job.

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Values: The WHY

Through TriMetrix you will discover which work related rewards really matter to you. You will know WHY or why not the job can provide the motivators that you need and value to be rewarded by what you are doing. TriMetrix will also help you to improve dramatically the results of interviews and reference checks.

Personal Skills: The WHAT

Every job requires certain specific hard skills and certain specific transferable soft skills. WHAT are they? When the required hard and soft skills that you will bring to the job match the key performance indicators of the job then the probabilities of "peak performance" are greatly increased. This is especially important if the job will also provide the rewards that you value and if how they best match how the job gets done. TriMetrix will help you and employer to identify the best match.   

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TriMetrix Applications:The TOTAL PICTURE  

TriMetrix helps the employer and the prospective employee to see the total picture and to make the best "FIT" decisions - i.e. the best hiring and retention decisions.